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A conversation with the inventor of cli-fi

And the Macquarie ‘honourable mention’ word of the year is… ‘cli-fi’! Each year the Macquarie Dictionary in Australia names a Word of the Year from a shortlist of words that have made a valuable contribution to the language. It also names one or two words that are given “honourable mentions” and one of the words […]

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What is cli-fi?

While travelling in America recently I picked up a copy of US Wired and stumbled upon a new name for a literary genre called cli-fi. Wired had it signalled out in a section called Jargon Watch (page 38, December 2013 US Wired) and said about it: “Climate fiction. A subgenre of dystopian fiction set in […]

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I tip

If you have ever worked hard in a bar or restaurant, anywhere in the world, you’ll know just how little you earn, and how important the extra money from tips can be. I tip. I think you should make sure you always tip as well. Having lived in Britain for about eight years now, I […]

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My DIY PR Workshop for The Mobile Academy

I’m going to be a guest a guest lecturer for The Mobile Academy, teaching a DIY course for public relations, and social media, for mobile industry entrepreneurs.  The course is sold out now, with about 60 participants joining the 36-hour masterclass, being offered at the University College London, through the folks who run Mobile Monday. […]

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Being Fat

As I write this blog post, I am officially in the fat category. I’ve been here about 8 months now —since my baby boy was born— and I haven’t seen an ounce of about 40 pounds I gained during pregnancy just drop off on its own. I don’t think I’m in the obese category, but […]

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My Dad

There is one person in my life who is like no one else on earth. My Dad is probably the most entertaining and interesting guy you’ll ever encounter. You might find him playing one of his instruments in a community orchestra, dressed up like a Monk for his annual pillgramage to “War” with the Society […]

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The plan for this blog, and why I use my own name

Now that I have my own name preserved online as the URL I’ve got to come up with a plan for what this blog’s purpose will be. As of today, there isn’t really a concrete plan. In general, I want to use this blog to share a lot of personal stories. If there is […]

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The Top Bun

I got clued up about a current fashion trend called the top bun from my stylist over at Good Old Days, in Broadway Market. Anthony suggested it as a new look for long hair. Since his tip, I see the top bun everywhere in London, especially in the trendy East, where I live. Women are […]

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Welcome to my blog! New (as of October 29, 2011)

For this very first post on my very new personal blog I’m totally intimidated about what to say. So firstly, hello! How are you? And OMG I have my own blog now! What I want to tell you about are all the plans I have for this blog, but at this stage I’m not quite […]

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As a self-taught artist, a writer, and a publicist – I welcome you to my creative online hub, where you’ll get to see some of my works, and find out more about me.