My DIY PR Workshop for The Mobile Academy
September 23, 2012

Mobile Monday London is offering The Mobile Academy at the University College London

I’m going to be a guest a guest lecturer for The Mobile Academy, teaching a DIY course for public relations, and social media, for mobile industry entrepreneurs.  The course is sold out now, with about 60 participants joining the 36-hour masterclass, being offered at the University College London, through the folks who run Mobile Monday.

Over 10 weeks, the mobile industry entrepreneurs will be immersed in an intensive training course that should see them come out the other end with skills that make them confident and ready to step into a Dragon’s Den type of environment and pitch their start-up idea. The course started 18th September and finishes up on the 22nd of November. On October 9th, I’ll be presenting to the group and hope that I leave them feeling ready to launch their own PR campaign.

My DIY PR workshop covers everything from how to write a press release, to how to communicate with the media and how to use social media tools to enhance your campaign. This is a roll up your sleeves approach to how an entrepreneur can make use of freely available tools, and clever thinking, to launch their own successful PR campaign.

My question for you is – can you tell me what might make an entrepreneur’s PR campaign successful?

Should they take the approach of Robert Dyson and put themselves at the frontline of the brand’s communication?

Should they come up with a creative gimmick, such as a catchy tune the way Levi Roots did for his Reggae Reggae Sauce?

What do  you think will help these entrepreneurs PR effort most?

Please leave your input in the comments below and thanks for helping out!

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