Lisa Devaney

Lisa Devaney is an artist, writer and Publicist

Lisa Devaney has been making art off-and-on since she was a child and loves bright cheery color, texture and to render stylistic impressions of what she sees. Most of her current botanical drawings are made with Sharpie markers – but she also works in oil, acrylic and watercolor mediums. While based in London in the United Kingdom for 16 years – she co-founded an arts collective called the e9makers and was part of it from 2017 to 2023.

Additionally, she has written a fiction book and has also worked as a Publicist for various clients in music, entertainment, tech and lifestyle sectors. See more about her public relations and social media consultancy the Hai Media Group here.

Lisa is now based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of America’s Virginia near Charlottesville. Please follow her Instagram page at @lisadevaney to see all her latest artwork.


Self-taught, contemporary artist painting in oils, acrylics, watercolor and creating drawings. Themes include: botanicals, landscapes and urban views.


More than two decades of experience with a consultancy called the Hai Media Group.


Author of a Cli-Fi genre book called ‘In Ark: A Promise of Survival’ available on Amazon. Spoken word SLAM poet, from time-to-time.


As a self-taught contemporary artist, writer and Publicist – I welcome you to my creative online hub, where you’ll get to see some of my works, and find out more about me.

First, let me tell you more about my art’s development. Since I was a child, I have created bright, cheery, colorful drawings and paintings, and pursued this love of making art – off-and-on – throughout my lifetime. I was born along the coast of America’s beautiful Maine and my maiden name is Lisa Eleanor Rosevear. I am mostly of Cornish descent from the United Kingdom and have ancestors that arrived in America in the 1830s, settling in New Jersey. I moved to Long Island, New York, at the age of four – where my father, a graduate of The Juilliard Schoolprofessionally played the French horn on Broadway.

As a child, I spent a great deal of time in urban environments, going into New York City, to see my father play in hits such as Porgy and Bess, Madama Butterfly and Christmas shows at Radio City Music Hall. Yet it was summer camping trips, back in the 70s, with my whole family (my father, mother, and three siblings), beach days-out and trips to the Adirondack mountains (led by my grandparents on hiking excursions) that gave me a love of nature – and joy to be outside.

Nature in art is a recurring theme of my artwork – from painting botanicals to landscapes and seascapes, I take great joy in interpreting the natural world into my art. However, I have lived for many years in urban environments – New York City, London and other cities – and I often depict the views I see from the windows of my various homes in my paintings and drawings. I rarely draw people, but have been recently challenging myself to do some portraits.

I am greatly drawn to bright, vibrant color, thick texture, and the desire to paint and draw from observation of what I see around me. I also prefer to offer you my interpretations and impressions of what I see – in stylized form.