March 4, 2023

When I arrived in America’s Blue Ridge Mountains region near Charlottesville in Virginia – I knew no one!

Having lived abroad in the United Kingdom’s London for 16 years – my friends in America are now geographically – everywhere in the world. I do have my wonderful mother and step-father in the area, and my son and are thrilled to be re-united with them both. In my early days here, missing all the amazing friends and community my son and I had in London’s Hackney, it was lonely for us.

But slowly – despite that it was the summer of 2020 and the middle of the covid pandemic! When we arrived – we started meeting a few people. Among those I met in my early days of re-patriating to America was Elsa Cristina Gailor – another kindered-spirit artist like myself. We clicked. We got along and we both had mutual adoration and respect for each other’s art.

Over a couple of years now, Elsa and I have been getting to know each other. About Elsa: She’s so talented! She makes impressionist oil paintings and is established as a fine art artist – who is based in Chase City, Virginia. See more of her work on her Instagram: @elsagailor or email her at gelsaartist@aol.com

Elsa and I are total muses to each other really: We inspire each other! And now, I am pleased to announce, we are collaborating! Elsa has kindly allowed me to showcase and use images of her paintings on my public relations and social media consultancy website – the Hai Media Group (HMG).

Elsa’s works are amazingly textured and colorful oil paintings. She also frames them incredibly beautifully for final presentations. She’s had many exhibitions – and you can find her as a regular exhibitor at the Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival. For more information on that event see here.

Her works are available for sale and there are many people around the world who are following her career and collecting her paintings. Get in touch with Elsa to find out more!

I am grateful to have made a new artist friend in Elsa and to have another creative collaborator.

Thank you Elsa!