My website has had a makeover!
September 16, 2018

I’m pleased to be able to announce – that my personal website here of has had a fantastic makeover! has a makeover!

My creative online hub here has not had a new look in about six years – so it’s long overdue. I want to say a huge thanks to some folks that have helped make this moment possible:

I worked with Willem-Hein Cowenberg, and his associates, on this project – who is the head of Webfruit Development, and it was a fantastic and effective project experience over the summer of 2018. If you ever need any help with your website needs – do get in touch with them. They are both technically proficient and design-savvy. They also work quickly, and grasp, with much skill, what a client is looking to achieve.

Next up for a huge thanks is the talented photographer Fi R Backhouse – she worked hard to capture my vibrant, colourful artworks collection, in photos. She also helped me curate from my collection of more than 100+ pieces of artwork, to showcase which would best demonstrate my style. I highly recommend her for any photographic needs you have.

Lastly, I want to thank the amazing talented portrait photographer Steve Double who I did a photo session with a few years ago. He took all the photos of me you see here.

I hope this new look for my website will bring you some joy today – and that the images of my cheery paintings will brighten your day  – and please note that I am open to hearing from you, just drop an email to: