Welcome to my blog! New (as of October 29, 2011)
October 29, 2011

For this very first post on my very new personal blog I’m totally intimidated about what to say. So firstly, hello! How are you? And OMG I have my own blog now!


Lisa Devaney

What I want to tell you about are all the plans I have for this blog, but at this stage I’m not quite sure what exactly I’ll be posting up here.

In my online life I have so many Lisa Devaney destinations, that it seemed time to pull things together into a central location. My online brand, from what people tell me, has attracted attention from various people and in chats with some trusted folks they’ve voted for me to set up a personal blog. This small, but valued, Lisa Devaney following surprises me, and makes me happy to know that a few people out there care what I have to say.

Here, I now have a place where I can showcase various things that I feel like sharing in the world, that I don’t have enough space to share on Twitter or Facebook or aren’t at all appropriate for the blog I write for Brand Republic’s The Wall Blog UK.

What I’m hoping is that this blog will be a new place to more freely express some random thoughts from my professional and personal life. You see, it still scares me to share things online to a certain extent, but I’ve been watching the digitally savvy crowd I follow and see them all doing it without holding back or seeming to have any fear.

One day on this here blog, you might find me writing about PR and social media, but the next day I may want to tell you a story from my childhood days about some of the wacky things that happened while I was growing up. Or it may be a more recent memory to share, of my days in New York City or my current life in London, being Mom (and Mum) to my new baby boy Truman, who at the time of this post is just five months old.

Whatever I choose to share here, I hope you find it interesting to read, possibly helpful and maybe memorable. There are some stories that I’m going to have to stop myself from sharing online, and these are probably the more entertaining and rude ones, but if you want to meet up sometime and hear me tell such stories as “The Accidental Orgy”, then I just might spill the beans to you and make you LOL so hard that you fall off your chair onto the floor. I’ll be trying to follow my self-imposed rules here about sharing online:

  • That I never share anything that I couldn’t face telling my Mom about
  • That I never use profanity, unless it is the occasional WTF!
  • That I don’t post anything that would purposfully slander or hurt someone’s feelings

Well what’s left to write about? Oh, I’ve got plenty. I hope you join me for this new wild wild blog ride and have some fun.

Help me welcome this new blog, by subscribing to the RSS feed, or leaving a comment — or just send me an email to:

lisa DOT devaney AT gmail DOT com

I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Ben Whittaker
    October 29, 2011

    Best of luck with your new adventure...being a Yank in the UK should be enough material to draw upon...add motherhood and your set...carry on from Your Uncle Ben

    • Lisa
      October 30, 2011

      Thanks for the comment Ben and for reading my blog. It should be a fun adventure. I had my own blog on Vox.com for years, but they shut down and it is now lost dust in cyberspace.