The Top Bun
October 30, 2011

The Messy Top Bun

I got clued up about a current fashion trend called the top bun from my stylist over at Good Old Days, in Broadway Market. Anthony suggested it as a new look for long hair. Since his tip, I see the top bun everywhere in London, especially in the trendy East, where I live.

Women are sporting this big, high bun with every kind of outfit for work, play and going out. You’ll see the messy looking bun or the slick, neat version of the bun being worn by those clued up on fashion. I see lot’s of top buns getting off at the Dalston Kingsland stop on the overground and I think my favourite is how they look with a high, furry collar on a coat.Women who are thin and have high cheekbones or angular faces suit the look best I think.

For me, this look sucks. My round face just can’t pull it off. There seems to be a few tricks to the look as well, as you need to comb back your hair to get it nice and fluffy. There is more to it than just pulling your hair into a pony tail on top of your head. Some like to create a giant knot out of the bun. On the red carpet, plenty of celebrities are seen with the top bun look, in the neat or messy style.

If you want to get the top bun look, I’ve posted a YouTube tutorial video below:

The Top Bun