‘In Ark’ in NEVILS awards list of 2014
July 5, 2014

I’m thrilled to tell you that my book In Ark: A Promise of Survival has been selected for the 2014 list of the NEVILS (Noted Cli-Fil Novels Of The Year)! This award honours new cli-fi (climate change fiction) authors and books each year.


Lisa Devaney’s book has been listed on the 2014 NEVIL LIST!

The list will officially be announced on July 24th, but I got word early from Danny Bloom, who coined the phrase “cli-fi” and is devoted to making the literary genre a worldwide success. I’m listed among some amazing writers and books, and so it is a great honour for me to be included. And, wow, I’m really, really, really surprised!

The NEVILS are named after Nevil Shute, for his famous novel On The Beach. Bloom came up with the idea for the NEVILS, naming them after Nevil Shute, and hoping to inspire a writer to one day create a book that will do for climate change what Shute did for nuclear war — make people care, make people do something about it and make people wake up to the call of a dangerous threat. Still, climate deniers rage on against the realities and truth that climate change will happen, and still people are not taking enough action to stop global warming and the destruction of the environment of Earth. The disrespect, denial and constant destruction of nature with activities like ‘fracking’ will be the end of our planet, in my opinion. Maybe these cli-fi books, these ideas, these writers and the hard work and effort of Bloom to create and promote the genre of cli-fi, will help the situation. Let’s hope so!

In my dystopian cli-fi book In Ark I set the story in the year 2044 when climate change is in full impact and my main character Mya Brand is struggling to survive. Abducted by an eco-survivalist cult, Ark promises Mya salvation from the Change and that her dreams of digitally archiving humanity’s stories before Earth is destroyed will come true. But utopia is not what it seems.

Other author’s on the NEVILS list include:

Greg Ziegler, Claude Forthomme, Hamish MacDonald, Mindy McGinnis, Paolo Bacigalupi, Emmi Itaranti, Lloyd Jones, Kate Kelley, Kat Ross, Joshua David Bellin, Dr Lenz, Nathaniel Rich, Chang-rae Lee and Antti Tuoamenin.

Exciting and I hope I get to walk down the red carpet!

Lisa Devaney on the red carpet in Cannes

Lisa Devaney on the red carpet in Cannes