Back on stage with my SLAM! poetry! April 27th
April 15, 2016

Back in the day, as I like to say lately, I was running around New York City as a young, single woman, shouting out words at open-mic evenings and entertaining, or disgusting, audiences with my SLAM-poetry. Then, oh this was around about the millennium years between the late nineties and into the early noughties, I used the name (((Futuregirl))) on stage and online, complimenting my performances with a website (which is no more) where I turned myself and everyone I knew into cartoons at Fgirl.TV.

My SLAM-poetry then included pieces about booty calls, being round, and make-believe tales about my alternate-New New York universe and fictional home, where I had myself living inside of the steaming Cup Noodles sign at the tippy, tippy top of Times Square. Well, that Cup Noodles sign is long gone, along with so much of the New York City I knew and loved, and I’ve moved on to more domestic times of being a wife, mom and entrepreneur in the big European city of London in the UK.

It is rare that I brave the stage, unless it is for a business conference or event, to share some of my rambling words. Until now.

'That's What She Said' on Wednesday, April 27th at The Book Club

‘That’s What She Said’ on Wednesday, April 27th at The Book Club

I’ve been kindly invited, and much to my surprise, contacted via Twitter, to brush off the cobwebs and take a turn on stage for ‘That’s What She Said’ — hosted by For Books Sake —  which is an evening of poetry and spoken word, all written and performed by women, here in East London.

Am I nervous? Well, yes. I’ve written three new poems to deliver in SLAM-style, and I’m amazed at how different my themes are. Gone are the woes of single life, and what’s surfacing now is a more settled, happier me. I don’t plan to bore anyone, but I would say my words have definitely evolved into a different place.

So will you come out and join me for this evening? It costs only £5 (£6.47 with the ticketing fee) to book a ticket via Eventbrite here:

Or turn up on the night to The Book Club at 100-106 Leonard Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 4RH at 7 PM on Wednesday, 27th April.

And if you have a desire to share some words, during the open-mic session, do book a spot early by emailing: