#InArk Book Launch
November 10, 2014

I am so grateful to everyone who made it out in the rain on Saturday, 8th November 2014 to celebrate with me for my book launch of my In Ark: A Promise of Survival. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Despite the challenging weather – hey, it was kind of a dystopian mood-setting rain – more than 30 people joined me at Victoria Park Books shop in East London’s Hackney for the event. Guests were treated to drinks and futuristic nibbles & cake. DJ Tunesmith (aka Joan Smith) played a non-stop set of enjoyable house music songs and I got brave and took to the stairs to entertain my guests with some SLAM-poetry.

Lisa Devaney dressed in the protective clothing that Mya wears in the year 2044

Lisa Devaney doing SLAM poetry, dressed as her book’s main character Mya would dress in the year 2044

I think everyone also enjoyed the short excerpt that I read.

It was thrilling to do my first ever book signings for folks, and I’m exited to know that so many are now reading my futuristic cli-fi tale about a woman who gets abducted by an eco-survivalist cult group.  It was also exciting to see my books displayed in the bookshop’s window and to know now that my work of fiction is available to many more people.

For my virtual book launch, I was terrified to host the live G+ Hangout On Air, and bumped into a few technical difficulties in getting it to go live. If you had difficulty finding it I am very sorry – it was my first attempt at such an endeavour. Having a camera pointed on me for ½ hour, was daunting. If you missed that adventure, you can still check it out on YouTube – here.

My book is now available in print and as a paperback version. So if you missed the event where books were for sale, no problem – you can order the book off of Amazon, anytime.

Again, I want to thank everyone who was involved, everyone who attended and everyone who made this book possible.  Here’s a few shout outs:

John and Truman Devaney, my son and husband

Joan Smith – not only did she, DJ Tunesmith, play music at the launch event, but she also conceived the idea to call my futuristic cli-fi tale Ark waaaay back in 2012.

Monica Wanat, editor

Aidana WillowRaven, illustration and formatting

Liz Mabry, proofreading

Albert Griesmeyr, book marketing consultation

The shops — Victoria Park Books, Amandine Café, Namo Vietnamese Restaurant and Bottle Apostle of Victoria Park Village

And YOU! Thank you for reading this blog post, supporting me, putting up with all of my tweets and being kind. I promise that tweets about my book will calm down now. And I hope you enjoy reading my #InArk!