Book Review: One Pink Muscle To Go by Patrick J. Russell
July 1, 2015

You may sometimes wonder what life in a small town of America’s West Virginia is like, as I have from my visits to this wild and wonderful state, and while Patrick J. Russell’s book One Pink Muscle To Go may be entirely fictional and imaginatively far-fetched, it does make you wonder how much is make-believe and how much rings true. This West Virginia adventure, described by the author as being “a dark, raunchy, existential comedy” kicks off by making you either be shocked or in total LOL of the sculpture outside a strip club that adorns a small town. I’ll let you read the book to find out more about this big, pink creation and then let you jump in for a wild-ride of reading, where you’ll encounter corruption, greed and people behaving all kinds of nasty to each other, some in the name of God.

I enjoyed the descriptive scene-setting prose of this indie author and was carried along by a sometimes-frightening plot that featured characters you’ll sympathize with and some you plain won’t like. For those I felt endeared to in this book, I cheered them on as they did battle against clear wrongdoing and felt disgusted by the actions of despicable and so-called anointed leaders of the community. You may also route for the underdog and the story may flip your thinking to what’s right and what’s wrong in the world in general, and how those we are taught to scorn may be unfairly judged and labelled by society. Heroines and heroes emerge and villains present themselves in a most amusing and film noir-style way in this raucous comedy novel.

With the author hailing from the state, I can see that the place has really proved to be a great place of inspiration and fertile ground for his imagination.

Author Patrick J Russell

Author Patrick J Russell


Having explored mountain towns and small cities that populate this place I adore, I’ll now visit again with an enlightened sense of wonderment and think about a hard working stripper called Abby O’Shea and the fictional but beliveable Rivertown, West Virginia.

This is book is a good time, a hard time, and an insightful peek at society gone wrong. I really enjoyed reading One Pink Muscle To Go and think you will as well. I’ve rated this book 5 stars on Amazon. You can buy this book on here.